Tyseley Energy Park (TEP) is delighted to hear the government’s announcement of a ten point plan and £4bn package of support to tackle climate change, create jobs in the green technology sector and accelerate towards the net zero 2050 target.

With a mission to transform clean energy innovation in Birmingham and across the West Midlands region there are many ways in which TEP is already supporting the ten point plan.

Through their commitment to deliver low and zero carbon power, transport, heat, waste and recycling solutions for a greener, cleaner, healthier Birmingham TEP is:

  • Driving the growth of low carbon hydrogen
  • Accelerating the shift to zero emission vehicles (EV)
    • TEP and its partners already have a fleet of 30 electric vehicles on site and the sites EV charging infrastructure will be extended over the coming years.
  • Encouraging green public transport, cycling and walking and protecting our natural environment
    • TEP is working with the University of Birmingham and partners to improve cycling, walking alongside the blue and green infrastructure in the local Tyseley and Hay Mills area. This project will transform an underutilised urban green space. into an accessible and connected corridor with improved water, woodland and grassland habitats to improve health and wellbeing of the local community.

David Horsfall Director at TEP said: “TEP is developing solutions for power, heating, transport and waste processing that address key societal challenges as part of the transition to a zero carbon energy future. We look forward to engaging with the government’s forthcoming energy white paper and supporting the green revolution that is critical for job creation, air quality improvements and to meet decarbonisation targets.

“The work we are doing at TEP will continue to stimulate innovation, demonstrate new technologies and creating commercially viable energy system solutions that positively contribute to local communities and the citizens of Birmingham’s whilst reducing CO2 emissions by 2030.”

In addition to the items raised above TEP will be incubating clean technology business on site with a particular focus on fuel cell and hydrogen production, smart grids, recycling critical materials and the decarbonisation of heating and cooling. These businesses will have access to world class, research, testing and laboratory facilities at the University of Birmingham’s Energy Innovation Centre which becomes operational in the summer of 2021.

With the support of a Royal Academy of Engineering Ingenious Grant award, TEP and the University of Birmingham are also working with schools and the local community to support the development of energy engineering skills and prepare people for the green industrial revolution.