Building a Brighter Future for East Birmingham

Empowering Sustainable Growth

Tyseley Energy Park champions innovative sustainable development by placing equal importance on both people and the planet. We remain unwavering in our commitment to social, economic and environmental sustainability, and we drive this commitment through synergistic partnerships across the city. Our focus on community empowerment will forever remain at the centre of our efforts to pioneer regional growth. We invite you to learn more about our corporate sustainability practices below:

Explanation of Tyseley Green Spaces Project

Our Sustainability Commitments

Sustainability is central to operations at Tyseley Energy Park, which is why we have made several sustainable commitments that align with the United Nation’s ‘Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)’. You can find more information on our ‘Sustainability Vision, Strategy and Policy’ document through the link below:

Carbon Management

To truly be aligned with the global Net-Zero agenda and build a healthier Birmingham for future generations to come, measurement and abatement of Carbon emissions is of crucial importance. Since 2020, Tyseley Energy Park has closely measured the sites emission profile, alongside the embedded emissions in the Webster & Horsfall manufacturing operation,  to identify focus areas to implement interventions. A breakdown of our 2021 Scope 1 and 2 Emission profile visible in the adjacent pie chart (Total Scope 1 and 2 Emissions: 446TCO2e). We are currently developing a Carbon Management Plan (2022) that will map out the site’s approach to emission reduction to achieve the goals in our Sustainability Strategy., when this is available it will be available here.


River Cole Regeneration

Creation of a Community Common

Through the European Regional Development Fund, this collaborative project seeks to delivery a vast programme of blue and green infrastructure improvements across the local River Cole valley. The interventions seek to enhance habitats and biodiversity whilst boosting connectivity and accessibility of the area, creating a thriving green space for community to aid local social sustainability. The program also seeks to revitalise the valley as a key asset in urban active travel across the city. You can find more information on the project through the link below, and learn about one of the successful delivered interventions, the removal of the weir, in the adjacent video.

Our Latest Highlights…

Over 300 people attend Tyseley Community Event

A collaborative community event hosted in July 2022 saw huge attendence of 300 people! The event’s purpose was to ensure local community contribution to the development of the aspirations for the area to become the city’s Green Innovation Quarter. The next event being organised will be held on the 27th April 2023, more information will be available here soon!

Infrared Heating

At the Webster & Horsfall manufacturing floor we have started (Q1 2023) to replace our old gas heating with electric infrared heaters to make use of our Green biomass power supply. The project predicts potential carbon savings of 65.9%, meaning we would be well ahead in terms of our Net-Zero targets!

Electric Vehicle Salary Sacrifice Scheme

Through the introduction of a salary sacrifice electric vehicle scheme, and the presence of free EV charging at work, we now have 38% of our office workforce travelling electric!