Tyseley Energy Park Masterplan

Tyseley Energy Park Masterplan

Situated on the site of Webster and Horsfalls 300 year old manufacturing facility, Tyseley Energy Park (TEP) is set to drive forward industrial growth alongside growth within the green technologies sector. TEP is located within an industrial regeneration area and is also zoned within the Tyseley Environmental Enterprise District (TEED).

Phase one of TEP has already seen £47 million investment into a 10MW waste wood biomass power plant, which supplies the development site with renewable electricity. This provides the foundations for a decentralised controllable Distributed Energy System in this location.

Renewable power produced on Tyseley Energy Park is enabling Webster and Horsfalls manufacturing operation to reduce the price of its products, driving growth whilst at the same time work towards the companies sustainability goals.

Phase two at TEP is home to the UKs first low and zero carbon refuelling station. It will be the first of its kind in the UK and will include a range of fuels that will reduce emissions including hydrogen, Compressed Natural Gas, Commercial Scale Electric Chargers and Biodiesel.

The ambition for phase three is to deliver an energy from waste facility that will be capable of delivering renewable heat, electricity and biomethane linked to city wide grid infrastructure.

The University of Birmingham have secured phase four and intends to develop an innovation hub that will deliver collaborative research and development of manufacturing to help companies successfully engage with the revolution that is happening in transport, energy and the circular economy.