Powering Clean Energy Growth

Tyseley Energy Park is transforming clean energy innovation in Birmingham and across the region by stimulating and demonstrating new technologies, turning them in to fully commercially viable energy systems that contribute to Birmingham’s commitments to reduce CO2 emissions by 2030.

Tyseley Energy Park is committed to delivering low and zero carbon power, transport, heat, waste and recycling solutions for a greener, cleaner, healthier Birmingham.

Harnessing the vision, passion and innovation of industry, academics, local government and located on the site of a 300 year old business, TEP is focused on:

  • generating low and zero carbon energy and fuels from waste
  • producing low and zero carbon transport fuels including Hydrogen, Electric charging, Biogas and Bio Diesel / GTL
  • innovating clean technology business through direct access to world class, research, testing and laboratory facilities at the University of Birmingham’s Energy Innovation Centre
  • leading the low carbon heating agenda via the National Centre for the Decarbonisation of Heat
  • incubating companies/technologies through the Energy Incubation Hub that will shape the future of:
    • fuel cell and hydrogen production
    • smart grids
    • decarbonisation of heating and cooling
    • and recycling critical materials, e.g. rare earth metals
  • influencing and shaping regional policy to support clean growth and driving change

TEP’s legacy will be one that: sees greater engagement with and increased employment in low carbon industries. Stimulating innovation, demonstrating new technologies and creating commercially viable energy system solutions that positively contribute to local communities and the citizens of Birmingham’s whilst reducing CO2 emissions by 2030.