Meet our TEP Tenants

Through our collaboration with the University of Birmingham we have created an environment where energy innovators can receive support, collaborate with fellow entrepreneurs, and become part of a community that is shaping Birmingham’s Green Energy and Innovation Quarter.

Our tenants range from those developing innovative ideas through to research project pilots and businesses creating commercial demonstrators. On site we also have a number of licensees from the HSBC UK supported Climate Innovation Platform.

If you would like to find out more about the workshop and office spaces available to join this community please contact: [email protected].


A consortium led by Gemserv has secured around £6.7 million from the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero to deliver the Ammogen project. Ammogen aims to design, build, commission, and operate the world’s largest and most efficient ammonia to hydrogen conversion unit of its kind. The demonstration unit is based on innovative technology developed by H2SITE and is located at Tyseley Energy Park, a strategic energy and resource hub in the West Midlands.

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Birmingham Bio Power

On the first phase of Tyseley Energy Park, £47 million was invested into a 10MW waste wood biomass power plant. This plant supplies Webster and Horsfall’s manufacturing operation and tenants across the sixteen acre site with renewable electricity. This provides the foundations for a decentralised controllable Distributed Energy System in this location. The sustainable power generated is equivalent to the amount required to power 17,000 local homes.

Waste Wood Biomass plant

Checklist Films

Checklist Films Ltd will become a pioneer in the UK film industry for decarbonising all of our activities thus ensuring we make film productions that take nothing from our planet but give much to society.

Daphne Water Solutions

Daphne Water Solutions have developed a sustainable technology that removes chemicals contaminants from waste water enabling its reuse. The technology meets the zero-pollution ambition for a toxic-free environment. 

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Faraday Battery

Faraday Battery has 6 patents for the technology innovation of the battery pack. Faraday Battery’s products are designed to reduce the risk and cost of vehicle downtime. The innovative modular design allows you to add more units and still have an easy-to-use system that provides real-time information.


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Furbnow delivers low-carbon homes without the hassle from plan to delivery with their vetted marketplace powered by their Home Digital Twin Platform. They help homeowners and private landlords looking to invest in energy efficiency in their property.


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GBF are the UK’s leading provider of HVI. They offer a simple, clean alternative to diesel and believe it is the future of fuel. They have delivered more than 55 million litres of GD+ to the UK in the past two years.


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Hy-Met Limited is a new technology start-up supporting the future energy sector to bring clean, sustainable, and affordable energy to all. The business has been established to help the transition to a sustainable energy economy by tackling key measurement challenges that are barriers to adoption of clean technologies.


Hypromag Ltd was founded in 2018 by four original directors David Kennedy, Rex Harris, John Speight and Allan Walton. Their aim is to develop a full recycling supply chain for rare earth magnets based upon neodymium iron boron (NdFeB). Hypromag has licensed the patented technology called HPMS (Hydrogen Processing of Magnet Scrap) developed in the Magnetic Materials Group (MMG) at the University of Birmingham.


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Kaasai is a software company building fast automated data processing pipelines and light weight fast  automated data connection capabilities for stakeholders in the renewable and energy transition industry.


Methco are creating a collaboration of industry partners to explore the technical and commercial feasibility of developing a Green Methanol and MTO plant in the North East of England which will support local and wider UK industry clusters, to move to a more sustainable feedstock and fuel supply.

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Microcab is a UK based SME specialising in the design & development of Low Carbon mobility platforms, in particular the use of hydrogen and fuel cells to achieve zero emission mobility.

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Mkango Resources Ltd

Mkango’s corporate strategy is to develop new sustainable primary and secondary sources of neodymium, praseodymium, dysprosium and terbium to supply accelerating demand from electric vehicles, wind turbines and other clean technologies. This integrated ‘mine, refine, recycle’ strategy differentiates Mkango from its peers, uniquely positioning the Company in the rare earths sector.

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Motive Fuels

Commissioned in 2021, the Motive hydrogen refuelling station is the largest green hydrogen refuelling station in the UK. It takes power from a dedicated offshore wind turbine and generates zero carbon, fuel cell grade hydrogen. The site comprises of a car refueller operating at both 700 bar and 350 bar. Two bus refuellers operating at 350 bar and a tube trailer refueller operating at up to 450 bar. The site can generate over a tonne of hydrogen per day. Enough to fuel up to 40 buses a day.

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Nested Loop

Nested Loop develop and sell smart home energy storage systems, that empower people to increase the amount of renewable energy they’re using, save money on their bills, and contribute to the energy security of wider society.

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Origin 21

Origin21 has a solution to lower the cost of extracting hydrogen from water using sonication, thereby making green hydrogen more affordable and competitive with grey hydrogen. 

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Salinity Solutions 

Salinity Solutions have developed a disruptive technology to dramatically reduce the high carbon footprint of water treatment. ​They can support a wide range of industries in the effort to solve the emerging global water crisis.

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Serco is a public services expert that specialises in the delivery of essential public services with over 50,000 people working across the world in Defence, Transport, Justice, Immigration, Health, and other Citizen Services across national, state and local government.

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SSE Energy Solutions 

SSE Energy Solutions provide clean, renewable energy for businesses, with green electricity straight from their UK wind farms, as well as local energy infrastructure solutions to decarbonise businesses. This means their customers can accelerate to net zero through localised, flexible infrastructure connected services, and sustainable energy supply.

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University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham’s Energy Institute have partnered with Tyseley Energy Park and Birmingham City Council to transform East Birmingham in to the city’s Green Energy and Innovation Quarter. On the sixteen-acre site the University of Birmingham have built the Birmingham Energy Innovation Centre to promote innovation in waste, energy, and low carbon vehicle systems.

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Voltempo™ is proud to introduce HyperCharging™ – electric vehicle hub charging technology with charging in as little as six minutes. HyperCharging™ is the next generation of ultra-rapid electric vehicle charging infrastructure, suitable for both large and small vehicle fleets and large-scale public charging facilities.

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