Formed in 2017 Onto was one of the first tenants on Tyseley Energy Park. Co-founders Rob Jolly and Dannan O’Meachair wanted to offer an alternative to traditional car ownership that would drive the adoption of electric vehicles (EV) by addressing the barriers preventing families from converting to EV driving.

The Onto solution makes EV driving affordable, flexible and sustainable.

  • It’s easy: Customers can order their ideal electric car online in just a few clicks. The car will be delivered to your door
  • It’s affordable: Onto’s electric car subscription service is all-inclusive of insurance, servicing and charging at over 12,000 points. Customers don’t pay any deposit!
  • It’s flexible: Onto’s subscription model enables customers to swap their car so they will always have the car that suits their lifestyle best. Customers always have access to the newest models with the best ranges and so it’s ideal for those who like to have the latest tech

Speaking about the support the company has received from Tyseley Energy Park, Rob Jolly, CEO and Co-founder of Onto said: “Tyseley Energy Park has been a fantastic partner for Onto. Since starting out in 2017 they have supported our business as we’ve grown from a team of two and a fleet of five vehicles to a team of over 80 and a fleet of over 4,000 vehicles. Committed to delivering a greener and cleaner city, the team at Tyseley Energy Park has provided fantastic guidance throughout our time there and has introduced us to a brilliant collection of like-minded businesses. The site uses only green power and leads the way with decarbonisation – it is at the forefront of sustainable innovation. At Onto we’re focused on making EVs accessible and affordable by offering a flexible alternative to traditional car ownership. It has been brilliant to work with a partner who truly understands our goal and helps us to achieve it.”