On Friday 1 April, Michael Fabricant MP for Lichfield visited the Birmingham Energy Innovation Centre (BEIC) and toured Tyseley Energy Park to find out more about the applications for the Birmingham Energy Institute’s hydrogen and battery research.

Led by Professor Martin Freer and Robert Horsfall, the visit began with a short presentation to showcase TEP’s vision and highlight the live collaborative projects between academia, industry and the public sector that are creating solutions to drive carbon reduction across the region.

Left to right: Michael Fabrican, Professor Martin Freer, Dr David Boardman and Samuel King.

The group saw demonstrations of the technologies being developed at the BEIC

Following an open discussion Michael saw some demonstrations of the technologies being developed at the BEIC. This included a presentation from Professor Allan Walton about HyProMag, a company striving to develop a full recycling supply chain for rare earth magnets.

The tour then moved on to the wider Tyseley Energy Park site, where Michael visited the low and zero carbon refuelling station and the Webster and Horsfall groups 300 years of innovation exhibition. 

Speaking about the visit Robert Horsfall said: “It was a pleasure to welcome Michael to site and share our vision for the future alongside our 300-year-old history. We are committed to working with our development partners to deliver the ambitions of the site, support our local communities and ultimately combat climate change and we always welcome visitors from the public sector to find out more about our collective work and how they can support these plans.”