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Explore STEM Education at Tyseley Energy Park

Are you ready to inspire your students with a journey into the world of STEM and sustainability? Tyseley Energy Park welcomes schools to join us in inspiring the next generation of scientists, engineers, and leaders. Engage with us as we create a dynamic learning environment, cultivating a strong connection between education and the cutting-edge solutions that Tyseley Energy Park pioneers. Together, let’s embark on a transformative experience that makes a lasting impact on the future of both education and sustainable innovation.


Why Choose Tyseley Energy Park for Your School Visit?

Historical Legacy: Our School Room, built in 1863 by James Horsfall, offers a historic backdrop for learning and growth. STEM Engagement: Ignite curiosity with our STEM programs, empowering young minds to become environmentally-conscious leaders. Innovation Celebration: Join us in celebrating Birmingham’s legacy of innovative thinkers, encouraging students to explore STEM fields. Enduring Relationships: Build lasting connections with our commitment to supporting schools beyond the classroom.  

Pupils from local schools created models of things that they felt would have a positive impact on the area.

Topics Covered During the Visit


  • Climate Change
  • Circular Economy
  • Energy Engineering
  • The Hydrogen Economy
  • Sustainability
  • Industrial Heritage of Hay Mills and Birmingham
  • History of Birmingham’s industrial pioneers
  • Environmental Stewardship

The Importance of STEM Education and Outreach

The world is facing unprecedented environmental challenges; the need to inspire and educate the next generation of scientists, engineers, and leaders has never been more crucial. Although the youth of today may be most affected by the environmental mistakes of the past, they also have the unique opportunity to pioneer the novel solutions that will shape the planet’s future. With this profound understanding, TEP seeks to facilitate the growth of our future innovators through extensive STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) engagement and outreach. By sparking the untapped potential of young minds, we want to foster the spirit of inquiry to create a new generation of environmentally-conscious leaders who will drive positive change to come.

Restoration of the Historical School Room

We are directing resources into the redevelopment of our historical School Room, originally built by James Horsfall in 1863. The industrial pioneer and philanthropist saw the importance of education within the community and built the school room as a hub for the children of his workforce to grow and learn in a rapidly industrialising world. Today, TEP is proud to carry on James Horsfall’s legacy by breathing new life into this historical space. A celebration of Birmingham’s long heritage of innovative thinkers and creators will also take place in this immersive environment. We want to encourage children to follow in the footsteps of historical visionaries and explore ground-breaking ideas in the STEM fields by exhibiting their accomplishments.

Our Latest Highlights…

University of Birmingham School

Year 7s from the University of Birmingham School came to visit Tyseley Energy Park and our Sustainability Manager Tommy Allsopp delivered an excellent presentation on the risks of climate change and new innovative solutions being developed on site.

Following the presentation, was a site tour in which we highlighted the technology in the hangar of the BEIC and our wire manufacturing factories.

Two Gates School

We invited Year 6 students from Two Gates School to visit Tyseley Energy Park and discover our cutting-edge robotics and artificial intelligence that are shaping sustainable practices in recycling EV batteries. Led by the knowledgeable Pete Brewer, our young visitors not only engaged with the world of extreme robotics but also gained insights into how these technologies are helping to create a more sustainable future.

University of Birmingham School

We had an exciting day hosting our third group of Year Seven students from UOB School! We explored vital climate change issues and brainstormed practical solutions together. Their curiosity sparked fantastic discussions and insightful questions! It was great to witness these young minds learning about the necessary steps we need to take to ensure a sustainable future.

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