We are thrilled to celebrate the groundbreaking collaboration between our esteemed tenant, Salinity Solutions, and global environmental leader SUEZ. Together, they’re on a mission to revolutionise water treatment by introducing Salinity’s innovative HyBatch reverse osmosis system.

Salinity Solutions are a leading engineering technology company dedicated to advancing sustainable solutions for water treatment. Specialising in innovative engineering, Salinity Solutions has established itself as a frontrunner in the development of cutting-edge technologies aimed at addressing the challenges of water purification and resource management. Spearheaded by Tim Naughton, our CTO and founder who propelled Salinity’s technology, their HyBatch technology, the world’s first commercially manufactured batch reverse osmosis system, is set to transform the industry by significantly reducing the environmental impact of water treatment processes.

With Salinity’s system consuming less energy, purifying a higher volume of wastewater, generating minimal waste, and offering a more compact design compared to traditional methods, it’s no wonder that this collaboration has garnered widespread attention.

Jörg Linsenmaier, Executive Vice President for SUEZ Engineering and Construction, highlighted the importance of this partnership in advancing resilient and innovative water solutions. By optimising wastewater re-use and reducing energy and chemical usage, this initiative underscores our shared commitment to sustainability and resource conservation.

Following extensive lab trials and a scale-up study spanning the last 18 months, SUEZ’s decision to order a HyBatch unit for installation later this year speaks volumes about the technology’s potential. The upcoming pilot aims to evaluate how HyBatch can enhance conventional reverse osmosis processes, particularly in removing salts and contaminants from wastewater.

Richard Bruges, CEO of Salinity Solutions, expressed his delight at formalising the partnership with SUEZ, emphasising the significant energy and water savings their collaboration can bring to the municipal sector and beyond. This partnership not only represents a milestone for Salinity Solutions but also underscores the vital role of innovation in addressing global water challenges.

From Tyseley Energy Park’s perspective, this collaboration epitomises the spirit of innovation and collaboration that defines our community. We are immensely proud to provide a supportive environment where visionary companies like Salinity Solutions can thrive and make a tangible impact on global sustainability.

The advanced treatment solution piloted by Salinity Solutions and SUEZ will not only promote wastewater as a valuable resource but also address critical environmental challenges, particularly in coastal regions vulnerable to saline intrusion.

Congratulations once again to Salinity Solutions on this remarkable achievement, and here’s to a future powered by innovation and sustainability! To learn more about Salinity Solutions and their game-changing technology, visit Salinity Solutions Website

For more information about SUEZ and their commitment to environmental stewardship, visit the SUEZ Website